Finchale provides accommodation, catering and transport to support leading house builder Persimmon.

Life is more worthwhile when you are in charge of your own fate, when you are involved, making positive choices and in control. However, when you find yourself isolated and facing multiple challenges on life’s chaotic margin, opportunities to progress are scarce. If opportunity does arise, it’s difficult to take - so it’s easy to drift and the downward spiral is always near.


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We provide structured, yet flexible, holistic and personal support, without judgement, for those ready to make a change. We establish purpose and direction, inspire self-belief and build capability and confidence to overcome barriers. By doing so, we enable you to take advantage of more opportunities to realise your potential, reap rewards and look ahead to your future.


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April 2014 - March 2015, 270 clients accessed Finchale's services. achieving the following:

Of clients find full time employment
Of clients we help in to work remain in work for at least 13 weeks
Of clients complete their programme with us

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