Angela Kelly, Veterans Case Manager at Finchale completed 23 years of regular Army service in the AGC(SPS) Corps.  Within two years of leaving the Army she decided to join the Army Reservists.

As a reservist at her local reserve unit Angela has been actively involved in a wide range of activities including OP FORTIFY (recruiting personnel into the reservists) and mentoring new recruits.  She has also been instrumental in promoting the Army reserves; attending local colleges and delivering presentations to the local community.

Angela feels that working at Finchale and being a reservist is ‘Getting the best of both worlds’,

and some of the skills she has developed from being in the reserves have supported her in the current role at Finchale; identifying  and understanding the needs of a reservist and ex regular service personnel through team and group work activities in the reserve environment.

Being a reservist is an excellent way to learn and develop new skills; there’s also lots of opportunities to meet new people travel and have fun.