Addressing debt and helping individuals to manage their personal finances, is an important part of the services that we provide for our clients.  In some cases this might be arranging of the re-assignment of debt.  In others it might be helping an individual to meet demands for back rent.  Whatever the problem, Finchale will work with a wide range of agencies in ensuring that these issues are resolved so that the client can move on.

Rob and Jane’s Story

Rob and Jane both served in the army before Jane left to start a family and Rob left due to health problems. Leaving their army careers behind them had a profound effect on their financial situation as they explain:

“We’ve never been unemployed before, we’re veterans, what do we know about the benefits system?”

As a result of their lack of knowledge and understanding about: the benefits system, the range of civilian resources and potential support systems available to them, they began to struggle financially and consequently found it difficult to be a part of their local community.

Following a referral to Finchale’s Veterans’ Services, their case worker immediately referred them to Finchale’s Joint Transition Support Team (JTSS) who recognised that the family may benefit from a financial assessment by a Welfare Rights Officer. This highlighted some potentially unclaimed benefits that they would possibly be entitled to claim.

Six weeks later, the family were awarded almost £400 a month in tax credits. This extra income, in addition to their other benefits allowed Rob and Jane to feel a bigger part of the local community by being able to go out more as a family. It also enabled them to buy a car, which Rob now uses for work, and take their first family holiday in a while.

Rob stated: “Getting this support from JTSS made me feel ready to face the world again and I wouldn’t be afraid to ask for help. Finding the help was the first step on this new road. I feel I’m finally on the right path which has led me to gain employment for the first time in 3 years”.