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Unemployment, disability, debt, housing and other barriers can have a severe impact on partners, children or even wider family members.

Finchale supports individuals and their personal circumstances, whatever they are, and recognises that family support is an important part of that service. 

We can support emotionally, practically by solving problems, like housing and debt, or working with other agencies to provide the solutions that are needed.

The following case study illustrates how we can provide families, where a family member is a veteran experiencing physical and mental health issues, with emotional and practical support solutions by signposting to, and working with, other agencies.

‘I am Pauline, the mother of a 22 year old veteran who has PTSD. I was at breaking point. My son made life chaotic and stressful since he returned from Afghanistan. It was by chance that I was given information about Finchale’s Veterans’ Services  and this after struggling to cope for a number of years with my son’s mental health issues and his drinking,  never moving forward or getting people to listen and help. Time and again my son would confine himself to his room at home. He relives the incidents in Afghanistan and his discharge from the regular army; he is constantly angry, drinks too much, is very aggressive and blames everyone for his situation’.


‘Within the first hour at Finchale we had made progress; we made a plan. We had connected to people who: would listen and help, were willing to go out of their way and to be there when I needed to call. It was just a relief. We met the case workers/counsellors had a cuppa and chatted. I was so relieved that I just cried and so did my son, we haven’t looked back’.    

‘Finchale helped with GP appointments and went with us. They assisted with benefits claims and charitable support, counselling for my son's addictions and provided mental health support, all at Finchale’.

‘They also made their services available to me, now I’m starting to cope, whilst understanding why this is happening, and developing the coping strategies required to keep us moving forward. This has helped to resolve issues between us. Our relationship is now much closer but still a bit fiery at times. There is still a long way to go, but this support has enabled my son to become an active worker in the voluntary sector. His intention is to attend a vocational course and with the help of Finchale's Employability Service find the right job’.

 ‘I’m so grateful and pleased that at last something is being done and we’re getting the support we need.’