vetsupport Our Veterans’ Services Team provides a case managed support service for Armed Forces Families throughout the North East

Our aim within the team, where we’re veterans focussed, veterans led, is to help you get to where you want to be. We do this by listening to your concerns in a sensitive, caring, non-judgemental way and then provide the necessary advice and support to get you there.

We currently have one hundred and fifty four (154) veterans engaged on our programmes, accessing support in areas like: debt, housing, vocational training, CV building, cover letters, relationships, employment, addiction counselling, mental and physical health assistance, benefits and education.

“You have been, and are an excellent driving force, as well as being generous and extremely helpful to all the Veteran's whom you work with, and you have my deepest thanks for all the help and advice” Fred Luck

We provide support through case-managed individual placement and support services that are delivered in the community and address all the barriers to employment We work with individuals and families from the Scottish Borders to the East Riding of Yorkshire and from Teesside to Cumbria Our door is always open...


Nov 2016 to present day
Finchale veteran’s services have secured employment for
127 Veterans with 88 trained or engaged
in training for employment


Regular Forces Employment Association (RFEA) is now embedded into Finchales veteran’s services team providing a national platform for Job search, training re-search and direct employment for all and every veteran





The Regular Forces Employment Association (RFEA) is now embedded into Finchale’s veterans services team providing a national platform for job search, training research and direct employment for each and every veteran.

Since April of 2016 one of RFEA’s Regional Employment Advisor’s, Gavin Ball, has been working directly with Finchale’s Veterans Services Team on site at Finchale providing a one stop holistic service with a shared goal: to help people gain sustainable employment and progress in work.

Testimonial - A Passage from Veteran Tom:

'I'd just like to state for the record that the help and support I've had from my case manager at Finchale has been nothing short of phenomenal. When my case manager met me at my home he took a real interest in my situation which was dire to say the least. He listened to me and suggested a range of possibilities that together we could explore. I'll be honest, like, at the time, I didn't hold out much hope after that first meeting but other military charities had told me to get in touch with Finchale and the job centre did as well. My case manager gave me a plan and gave me advice with regard to other issues which were playing on my mind. At times I despaired that there seemed to be nothing happening and I told my case manager this but he was always positive when he spoke to me and never refused to take my calls. When he was not available I was still able to speak to a member of the team; they were always there for me.

Time continued to pass and on a number of occasions I said and wrote things, which on reflection, I shouldn't have and yet he still worked hard behind the scenes updating me with any progress as it happened. I suppose I'm like a lot of veterans being supported by Finchale, you forget that they are looking after other veterans, dependants and individuals at any one time and the loads of different problems the other veterans' guys come with, they certainly have a lot on their plate.

It all turned out well for me and I can tell you this, I would have no hesitation in telling ex-forces people, or families of ex-forces people for that matter, to get in touch with Finchale because if you've got a Finchale case manager in your corner, so to speak, you're halfway there. The support they offer, the assurance, the comms is all there, yes they're supported by other charities but they're a charity themselves so you can rest assured. 

Tom - ABF

I just want to say that, and I mean this, that my case manager very quickly weighed up my situation and outlined what he could and couldn't do for me and he delivered on all his promises, yes it took time, but in the end he 'did exactly what it said on the tin', and you can't ask any more of anyone than that.'

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